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               Family Restaurant


That Damn Chef

Óli Glíma

Ólafur is a well-known chef in the restaurant business and has worked in several countries, including Denmark, Scotland, and now his home country Iceland.

A culinary expert, he has a special passion for learning the different styles of the culinary culture and is very ambitious when it comes to whipping up delicious meals from all parts of the world. 

"Our theme is Scandinavian street food, whatever that is!"

“My long-term goal was to open my own restaurant. I seized the opportunity when I found a place in an up-and-coming neighborhood near the Kópavogur marina and Sky Lagoon.

At first, I wanted to keep it small but the place we found was spacious and it provides seating for up to 70 people. We are a very close-knit family who wanted to start this culinary adventure. It was truly a challenge to renovate the space before the opening deadline but, we have many loved ones who wanted to contribute and help us with the renovation. Their incredible support and assistance allowed us to open on time, which was absolutely invaluable during this roller coaster ride“.

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