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Street Food

Grilled "Helvítis hamborgari"

(That Damn Burger) - 140 gr 

Cheese, red onion jam, fries & truffle mayo

3.450 ISK

Grilled sourdough bread

Sourdough bread, serrano, rucola, pesto, tomato sauce & parmesan

3.650 ISK

Kids Menu


With fries

1.290 ISK

​Grilled sourdough bread

With Serrano ham & cheese

1.290 ISK

For the sweet Tooth

Chocolate Goddess

Vanilla Ice-cream, strawberries & caramel sauce

2.250 ISK

Apple Pie Banfí

Mascarpone cream & caramel ice-cream

2.250 ISK

Crème Brulée

Raspberries & chervil

2.250 ISK

Icelandic donaughts ( Boggu Kleinur)

donaughts, laquorice skyr ganash

2.150 ISK

Chef´s Choice

Fried Catfish

With petite potatoes

1.290 ISK


With fries

1.290 ISK

 Lemon Tart

Berry salad & strawberry ice-cream

2.250 ISK

Chocolate water Ganache (vegan)

Chocolate, Strawberries & sorbet

2.150 ISK

Hard to choose?

Try it all! Selection of all our desserts

7.950 ISK


“Bouillabaisse” Fish soup

Shrimps, scallop, catfish, apples & saffron aioli                                                               

1/2  3.450 ISK             1/1  4.150 ISK

Beef Mojito

Beef tenderloin, lime, chili, ginger, almonds,

mint & truffle mayo

3.450 ISK

​Mushroom risotto (vegan)

Oyster mushroom & Jerusalem artichoke

1/2  3.150 ISK          1/1  4.150 ISK


Great for sharing

Gourmet platter

Bacon wrapped dates, chicken foam, cheeses, Serrano, cured ewe fillet, sausages & redcurrant

4.550 ISK


Jamón Serrano Ham

Tapenade, olive oil, figs & sourdough bread            

3.990 ISK

Bread dish

Grilled sourdough bread with whipped butter    1.150 ISK

Fried small potatoes

Aioli & Herbs

1.150 ISK

Main Courses

Veal "Saltimbocca"

Serrano, sage, tomatoes, baby tomatoes & white wine sauce       


Beef tenderloin

Onion puree, fondant potato & bordelaise sauce                                                                                  

     200gr   7.950 ISK                    300gr 8.950 ISK

Grilled Double Lamb Chops

Honey roasted parsnip, blueberries, oyster mushrooms & estragon - citrus sauce                    


Mussels from Breiðafjörður "moules ​


Salted lemon, walnuts & parmesan sauce

1/2  3.950 ISK          1/1  5.550 ISK

“Agnolotti” Pasta

Mascarpone, basil, lemon & burnt butter

1/2  3.150 ISK             1/1  4.150 ISK

Grilled King shrimps with salad

King shrimps, rocket salad, mango, avocado

Tomatoes & aioli



Fried Brie Cheese

Truffle Honey, figs & grilled sourdough bread                           

2.750 ISK

Parmesan fries

Garlic, herbs & parmesan

2.150 ISK

Grilled Catfish

Petite potatoes, chimichurri, aioli & almonds

4.950 ISK

Fried arctic char from Haukamýri

Baby potatoes, asparagus,  citrus salad & hollandaise


Catch of the Day

4.750 ISK

​Cauliflower & Cannellini beans (vegan)

Salted lemon, walnuts & parmesan sauce

1/2  3.150 ISK          1/1  4.150 ISK

Chicken " Coq au wine"

Bacon, pearl onion, mushroom, mashed potatoes

& red wine sauce

4.950 ISK

4ja rétta                                11.950kr

4ja rétta með víni               18.950kr

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